Every second person thinks about security, financial stability, his family, independence even after retirement. All these benefits if achieved a person believes he was successful in life, but due to the work as well as the pressure people now a days face, it becomes difficult to conduct market surveys to purchase different policies which would provide such benefits. But these thoughts were history! Now with the policy like Jeevan Anand a persons believe in the comfortable life with the best of the features are easily available.

The memorandum of every policy looks very attractive at the beginning when one is in your hand. When I first heard about the Jeevan Anand plan of Life Insurance Corporation, I was much exited to know its features, its positive aspects where it can help us. The aspect which attracted me the most that this policy offers the combination of both the features of Endowment insurance plan as well as Whole life insurance plan. The main benefits which bring this policy in limelight are mainly concerned with your well-being.

There are many features which you would find suitable for your future, and would think Jeevan Anand as an investment rather than expense. When I had planned to purchase the policy I had gone through all the details which included the survival benefits as well as death benefits such that the Jeevan Anand policy provides you with a particular sum of money decided as per your policy cover and there is an add on cover which is provided to the nominee on the death of the insured person. You usually are so busy in your daily routines that you might forget the premiums which are to be paid regularly. But in Jeevan Anand, you have the advantage of paying the premiums as per your decided period that can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly, whatever way that would be convenient for us. And sometimes there is an additional bonus which gets included in your income.

The Jeevan Anand policy has been a true boon. The best part of this policy is that you pay the premium only for a certain number of years decided by the cover. The plan is a security towards your family, as this plan also offers special plans for your family in case of your death. You must have heard about the cases where the insurer forgets to pay the premiums or due to some unknown reason he is not able to pay the premiums after paying it for 2 years and the paid money lapses and he won’t be given any value. But this isn’t the case with Jeevan Anand policy, even if after certain number of years you stop paying the premiums, you will be given your money paid, after the reduction of a certain percentage as per the policy rules, which is again an attractive point.

For once in your lifetime, think about yourself! You need to be aware of your worth. If you fall in the category of keeping your family first, the Jeevan Anand policy suits you the best. You would have a safe future and peaceful death.