The term plans been launched in the recent years have been very expensive. And on top of it, you do not get proper coverage that you have in mind while taking these plans. The main focus you have while planning to but the plan is on all the elements providing life cover, saving facility, death cover as a means to protect your family. But in the recent years the policies which use to offer the covers had one or the other element missing in them. But the Kotak e-Preferred Term Plan is unique in its own way. If you are a kind who doesn’t need be dependent on anyone during any financial crises; this plan is the right kind of policy you require.

The main aim of this plan is to provide the life cover which falls into your necessities. During the term if you die, the sum assured is provided to your family, which provides protection to your family against financial needs. Including this there are additional top-up premiums which you might have invested in during the term of your policy. These top-up premiums are provided to you in your account as per its face value.

You family is often your prime concern during the purchase of any policy. There security is the main reason you go for buying any insurance product. And to fulfill this wish of yours the Kotak Life Insurance has been thoughtful enough in bringing out the Kotak Preferred Term Plan which enables you to provide your family and yourself a secured life. The plan suggests lower premiums for women as well as non consumers of tobacco which in a way helps suggesting a message of being healthy.

Eligibility Criteria:

Entry Age (as on last birthday) Min. 18 years, Max. 65 years
Policy Term Min. 5 years, Max. 30 years
Maturity Age Max. 70 years
Sum Assured Kotak e-Term: Min. Rs.3,00,000, Max. 24,99,999
Kotak e-Preferred Term: Min. Rs.25,00,000, Max. Subject to underwriting
Annual Premium Min. Rs.1,800, Max. Based on Sum Assure

You need to be minimum 18 years of age to get this term insurance or maximum 65 years.
The plan when studied properly is the ideal solution for every individual. This plan has got various benefits like offering high financial cover at a low premium rates. You have the option of flexible payments like paying the amount monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly, which provides you the option of choice of payment. You are been provided an option if you are into any kotak policies you can change your plan if you wish in between. This plan as observed is the pr risk free plan. This plan has got many special offers which pother plans do not offer on a regular basis. If you buy the plan you can have the guarantee of protection against financial assets at a nominal cost.

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