When you look at your life the first thought that mostly hits your mind is ‘if due to some reason, I am no more with my family, how will they support themselves?’ the solution isn’t tough but applying it is tough. You never go beyond ifs and buts. But usually these things matter at a certain stage of life. You can’t predict the uncertain events of life or the twists and turns it takes and you are left with nothing in your hand. The KOTAK e-Term has come into the market with new options to explore. You are provided various choices in this policy as well as various benefits.

The KOTAK e-Term is such a term plan which is 100% risk covering product which gives you protection against financial problems. The best part is you can change the plan or policy with any other plan offered by Kotak Company which doesn’t make you stacked to only one option. You are benefited in a true way if you purchase this plan. It is a plan which offers high risk cover but in low cost premiums. The options for paying the premiums depends upon you to decide, may not be regular or single premium payment option like monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly which gives you the option of choice.

KOTAK e-Term has been divided in types so as to bifurcate its importance. The term plan offers you different benefits like kotak accidental benefit, kotak disability benefit or kotak illness benefit. All these plans if looked are a crucial part of your life. There are stages which you cross and come across such incidents where you require a financial support and at times you get stacked due to this when there no help. But with the Kotak e-term plan you no more need to be worried about such incidents, as this offers you the way to cover up your expenses. What more you can demand of? Your insecurities have been included in this package, you no more need think about your family’s future.

Tax Benefit: You can avail of tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The value added services and tax benefits are rare to find in the policies, but the Kotak e-Term plan has been an exception and acts as a pillar in your life. This is the only plan which has special offers for non-tobacco users as well as women as it offers them lower premium rates. You can achieve your goals with this plan. In one single phrase if described the policy provides you a secured life with your dear ones.