As you must have noticed the word ‘advantage’, it gives you an idea about the plan that there is add on benefit been provided to you in this policy. The main purpose of the plan is to provide you a savings option with various added benefits with it. This plan works as per a decided quote which says the longer you pay the premium; higher the savings amount would be. And this type of policy provides you with a higher accumulation of wealth in your hands.

When you know that you have the combination of savings as well as a benefit with the policy, it is worth buying the plan. When I first saw the plan I was thrilled to know about the various number of advantages been provided to us by this policy such as the plan does not charge any allocation charges from second year onwards. The premiums which you pay directly are added to your fund without charging anything, which in a way increases your profit. The fund provides you with various options which give you flexibility to pay the premiums as per your caliber.

The Kotak Super Advantage plan is one kind of investment where you do not repent after buying this product. It is a way to fulfill your financial needs by way of savings and provides you the opportunity to save for your future. It is a way of providing your family a dual combination of savings or investments and insurance facility which guides you towards providing your family a peaceful life even if you are not there with them. This plan is a sure way of safe investment of your money in a sure way without taking any risks. You are provided with death benefits which are the first benefit we usually opt for as is a tool to protect your family against any uncertainties that are not predictable. In this plan your maturity value which you receive includes your fund value as well as added funds on your policy as decided.

When you look at the Kotak Super Advantage plan you would understand the value of the plan. It has got every other benefit that a normal plan does not provide you in such nominal rates. It had got the benefits that you require to safeguard your family from future uncertainty. You would get the advantage of protection, death benefits as well as savings which is a pure turn on in this plan. This plan is a choice of a well defined person who knows his priorities and options.