As in this era, uncertainties do not happen after giving a warning. You never realize what would happen next and where would your life lead you to? Let it be the most secured place, but one thing that you would need at every step of your life that is money. You are aware that after a certain age you do not get regular incomes as before. To avoid coming across such a barrier every other individual looks forward for a plan that guarantees a regular flow. After taking this demand into consideration the MetLife India Insurance has launched the new plan that is Met Monthly Income Plan which promises a regular income flow as well as income benefits.

The Met Monthly Income Plan is very different in its own way. There is no other private sector launching such a scheme until now. The Met Life Insurance company has been innovative in providing you with not only a way to save your income for future but also it’s a way to get add on benefits with are complementary with this policy. The best part is the income plan can be extended up to more than 15 years which in a way provides a very good deal.

The plan has provided a number of benefits other than monthly savings; it provides a very limited period of the payments of the premiums. They provide you flexibility of decision; you can choose the tenure of your policy as per your requirements. There are various bonuses as well as tax benefits provided by the company. The payment for the premiums is chosen by you as per your capacities. The best part lies where you get your monthly income for a very longer period of time than expected. Not only the monthly income is held out till the insured, in case of the death of the insured the nominee would get the 25 % of the sum assured as per the policy immediately.

The Met Monthly Income Plan has given the saving another step which involves a betterment in that part of society. This policy is way of protecting your life from the economic ups and downs which keep happening in the country. You need to be prepared to have any financial problems which occur unknowingly. You are been given every benefit in only one policy in low investment. You are getting the benefits of 3 polices in just one take that is accidental benefits, savings , death benefits that too at a nominal cost which has been kept so that every individual can afford the policy. This scheme would be the best investment you could do for your family ever.